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What’s your “video information” plan?

It’s predicted that by 2014, over 80% of the searchable content online will be video related. Mobile and traditional search sites like Google have, and use, voice recognition technology which scrapes video content for keyword rankings. In other words, the actual content of the video matters more now and in the future then ever for your business to be found online.

It’s not “good enough” anymore to make just a couple of “sales videos” for your business and upload them to YouTube, embed them on your site, and call it good. In fact, the sales video (although a staple for your business) is the least preferred video for your information arsenal.

This should be really good news for most people. It’s not that hard to talk into an iPhone (audio only or actual video…doesn’t matter) and bang out a quick recording. In fact, every smartphone has a built in audio recorder. You don’t even need to video yourself. Just make an audio recording and ad some PowerPoint slides.What’s hard is getting into the practice of actually doing it. But, I assure you, if commit to it every week, it becomes second nature.

My Challenge To YOU: Make ONE video each week for the rest of the year. You don’t have to publish it. Just start the habit. In fact, if you do it without the intention of publishing it, the pressure to be “good” will totally disappear. Just focus on coming up with at least 60 seconds of condensed content (without babbling)

Even if it’s just hopping on your laptop and using your webcam to shoot a quick 45 second, raw, unedited, video to post online….somewhere. Remember, there’s no rule that you actually have to post it. In fact, just make a video. Look at it a week later and decide if post worthy. If it’s not, ask yourself “why not?”. Then, simply make an improved version of it…wait a week and decide if it’s worthy of publishing. Just keep doing this (making it a habit) and soon you’ll find that most of your content is “post worthy”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make your videos without the intention of publishing. Why? Because there is no pressure of getting it “perfect”. Just get a short 30-120 second video with content done. If you want to improve the video, just do another one the next week. There’s no rule that you have make a “different” video each week. JUST GET IN THE HABIT OF MAKING CONTENT VIDEOS. After a year of doing this, you’ll have 52 videos (content). Certainly, you’ll be able to publish 20%-30% of that content….right?

So will you accept my video challenge to you? Let us know in the comments below. Or share this to your favorite social media site.

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