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The Founding of Team Internet Marketing powered by:

Infinite Possibilities Marketing, LLC and Braineo Web Solutions


I formed the Infinite Possibilities Marketing brand to pursue my personal passion for life beyond the norm. I believe that performance is to operate past or push beyond the established bounds. As individuals, as families, and as societies we can achieve performance beyond our established boundaries; without performance there is no growth.

Infinite Possibilities is the name I ascribe to the challenges and passions that I have had in my life, because if you only look outside the box you will always find infinite possibilities to your problems. Whether it was a spiritual quest, or pushing beyond the physical limits, Infinite Possibilities Marketing is where my past meets my present and where the future launches.

Robert and Craig formed Braineo Web Solutions to help companies generate revenue, connect with customers and promote their businesses. But, all too often, these technologies are underutilized and overlooked by small and medium companies.

 That’s because most companies simply don’t have the time and the resources to search out, evaluate and implement all of the technology options available to them. After all, they have a business to run. Unfortunately, this means that many companies end up with websites that don’t work the way they want them to, are frustrating to manage, and difficult or costly to upgrade. It doesn’t have to be that way. So we  formed Team Internet Marketing, LLC to take the best of our collective experience to help business utilize technology to grow and prosper.
Team Internet Marketing makes it easy, affordable and convenient for small and medium companies to implement ideas, technologies and solutions to successfully market their businesses and their brands. We recommend the best web technology to help you achieve your business goals. Then we offer guidance to help you implement it, using your own resources, or with services that we provide.
We have one goal: to help you grow your business and your brand.
Our success, and yours, depends on it.

Our primary business focus is consulting — we provide consulting to companies looking for innovative solutions to problems everyone faces at one point or another. There’s a heavy high-tech flavor to what we do, we help people build web presence, and local search marketing, SEO, branding, social media marketing, and high performance automated marketing systems, eCommerce, and even develop new technology like IPhone apps or 2d barcodes.

We have a vast network of resources with creative ways to make our services affordable to almost anyone. We have a very strong management team of highly experienced professionals and executives and a list of clients that we’ve helped along the way to their success.

Whether you are a one person shop or a publicly traded company, we can help you.

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