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Creating Mobile Websites

Our team can take your existing website or idea and create a mobile website that allows customers,  potential customers or employees to get to information or interact with your company’s back-office. Let us know what your needs are and see what we can do for you.

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Building Mobile Apps

Our Team builds Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. We currently have apps in the iStore and the Android Marketplace. Our most downloaded app is (click here) for the iPhone. For the Android app go to the Android marketplace on your phone. Currently (as of March 8, 2011) there are over 25,000 unique users.

Little Books Big Beginnings Quick Start Series

Getting Started with Facebook for Business
by Jackie Tulos and Robert Joseph, PhD.Getting Started With Facebook For Business is your on-ramp to promoting your business in the most effective, least-cost manner available. This mBook (mobile book) tells you what to do, why to do it, and guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a Facebook presence for your business and using it to generate interest, buzz, fans, and ultimately, customers.Social Media Marketing is all the rage and Facebook is the 500 pound gorilla with a third of all internet traffic. More than 1 million small businesses have Facebook pages reaching hundreds of millions of customers. You keep hearing that your business or organization needs to get involved but how do you get started? Who has he time? And what’s really in it for you?Getting Started With Facebook For Business will:
* Explain the importance of Facebook to your business
* Guide you in developing a Facebook strategy
* Take you step-by-step through creating a Facebook fan page that really works for your business
* Show you how to maintain your Facebook presence effectivelyiPhone | Android | Desktop
Getting Started with Cash Flow and Cash Flow Procedures
by Ruth KingEven if your sales are $1,000,000 per month…Unless you collect the cash for those sales, you’re still out of business. You can’t take a sale or a profit to the bank … only cash.Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you won’t survive for long. Cash and Cash Flow Procedures gives you the simplest and easiest ways to track your cash, from the weekly cash flow report (included), to collections, to procedures to protect your hard earned cash.You’ll learn from the stories of small business owners who made costly cash mistakes. Learn from their horror stories so that you don’t make the same mistakes … saving you thousands of dollars and sleepless nights.Cash and Cash Flow Procedures gives you want you need to know to monitor the proper flow of precious cash through your business.With this app you can get the forms that make you can use to track and manage your cashflow. The app is currently in android marketplace and iStore. Click here to access the iStore app.
Getting Started with Financial Management for Entrepreneurs
by Ruth KingFinancial Management for Entrepreneurs is the one manual you need to understand, analyze, and take action with respect to your financial statements.  And you won’t have to pay my hourly rate of $3500 per day. For the Android Market search on “Getting Started with Financial”. Click here to access the iStore app.
Getting Started with Wealth and Prosperity
by Ruth KingBeing wealthy is a system.  Being poor is a system.  Which would you prefer? This manual gives you the system.  It is your choice to implement it, follow the rules, and become wealthy and prosperous. Under review in iStore. In Android store search for “Getting Started with Prosperity”. Click here to access the app on the iStore.
Getting Started with the Three Page Business Plan
by Ruth KingYou plan all the time.  You plan your vacations, what to cook for dinner, your shopping list, what you are going to do on the weekends, and much more. Planning your business and working your plan is more critical than planning your vacation.  However, most people don’t think it’s “fun” and skip this critical key to business success.  Excuses:  “It’s too hard” or “It takes too long” or “I don’t need to do it.”  If you want to have as much fun in business as you have in your vacations, then write a business plan.Writing a business plan does not have to be a long, laborious process. This three page business plan format gives you the easy way to create and implement a business plan that will help guide your business and you. Click here to access the app in the iStore.

Upcoming Quick Start Apps

Getting Started with New Technology
by Robert Joseph, PhD.Would you like to understand technology better? Are you confused about all the new things currently out there. This is the book for you. How to make sense of technology in this every changing world is a new book developed by Dr. Joseph. He has over 25 years creating and informing people of state-of-the-art technology.

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