Email Marketing

Deliver Timely and Relevant Messages to Your Customers

Build Your Customer Relationships with Opt-In Email Marketing

It is a simple concept that when your customers and prospective customers sign up for your mailing lists, you have people who want to hear from you. You have the power to reach them directly and personally with email with relevant and timely email messages.

In order to strategically and effectively use email marketing, we incorporate your email campaigns with your other offline and online marketing efforts. Email is not just a way to deliver a message, it is a dynamic tool to compliment other campaigns and measure interest.

Closed Loop Marketing & Campaign Management

  • Strategic Campaign Development – According to your marketing plan,we define your goals, market and message for your new campaign.
  • Design and Testing – With an email template matched to your website or other marketing materials you further promote your brand and experience.
  • Copywriting & Editing – Customer focused copy ensures that your customers find your message relevant and compelling.
  • Ongoing Management – Each campaign is tested for deliverability and compliance with the FTC’s spam regulations.
  • Ongoing Analysis – Once your campaign is launched, we analyze the response, if your business goals have been met, and optimize your strategy.

The Right Tools for the Job

From list management and segmentation to creation, distribution and reporting, Team Internet Marketing has the best tools available to develop a cost effective email marketing strategy for your business. Contact us to learn more about the technology available to implement an email marketing strategy for your business.