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How To Install A Mashable Sharing Widget

If you spend a lot of time reading the latest blogs posts and news sites you will have noticed the proliferation of social sharing widgets that are available. Choosing the right one for your own blog or website will increase the likelihood that your content gets shared and talked about. One of my favorite sharing widgets is the one used by  the
top social media blog Mashable.

Find out how to install a similar one on your blog

What I like most about it is that it stays on the side of the page when viewers scroll down the post, which means no matter where they are reading, if they decide it’s worth sharing they can. This is important considering the average attention span of most web users is around 3 seconds.

Another reason for choosing this particular style is that since I know Mashable have been using it for over a year it’s probably working well. It’s also common on a lot of other sites which means the added familiarity will mean your audience will be much more likely to use it.

After a lot of searching I found a simple WordPress plugin that replicates the look and feel of the Mashable plugin and I made a quick tutorial to show you how you can install it on your own blog.


As you scroll down the post the widget stays in place which means its always visible on the page increasing the liklihood of people sharing


The plugin we are going to use is called “Twitter, Facebook Like, Google Plus One Social Share


To add a WordPress plugin to your website login to your WordPress admin dashboard and select plugins on the left hands side


Click on “Add New”


Enter “Twitter Facebook Social Share”in the search box and install


Install the plugin and activate it


Now under Settings select TF Social Share


You can now configure the plugin, select what social media sites you want displayed and where you want it to show up on your blog


You can configure how the left side floating option will be shown


You can also adjust the width and size of the social media buttons to match your blog design


By default the share box displays above each blog post


If you want it to show on the left side of the post you need to alter the position setting


You can select where on the screen you want it to display


So now the plugin is activated and showing in the correct place all you now need to do is send some traffic and encourage people to share your content

No matter what type of plugin or widget  you use it’s important to ask people to share your content  and give them a good reason why. Better yet ask them to make a comment too.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

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I hope this will encourage you start to engaging your audience more effectively and get you the exposure you deserve. I look forward to your comments.

To your success

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