Use This 14 Point Checklist To Dominate Your Personal Brand On Google

Google yourself. See that? It’s your personal brand. Unless you love everything about each listing on the first page, it’s time for some personal branding SEO.

There are two goals in personal SEO:

  • Dominate the entire first page of Google (branding)
  • Push negative or embarrassing search results off of page one (reputation management)

Here’s a checklist of ways to make that happen:

1. Design your snippet: Google+

Start by optimizing the one profile that you know Google is indexing: your G+ profile. When you fill out your profile, you’re actually creating the snippet in Google. Here’s how your Google+ fields appear in search results as a snippet. Notice how the snippet text (meta description) is a combination of four fields, listed one after the other.

  • None of those four fields include your location, so if you want to be relevant in your local area, add your city or town to your employment field (i.e. “Orbit Media, Chicago, IL”).
  • Use keywords relevant to your skills and personal brand.

2. Make your resume search-friendly: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is ubiquitous in search results. Here’s how to polish this part of your personal SEO:

  • “Location,” “Position,” and “Company” appear in Google snippets. Make sure they’re complete.
  • Click “edit” next to your public profile link.
  • Customize your public profile URL. Pick a URL that includes your name.
  • Make sure your entire profile is visible to the public.
  • Make LinkedIn as complete as possible. Embed a WordPress blog, embed SlideShare slides, seek recommendations, add any active Twitter accounts, etc.
  • In the “Websites” area of your profile, add links to your site, your blog, and your G+ profile.

3. It’s all about you, baby: your profile on your site

Unlike every other profile on this checklist, here you’re not building on rented land. You control it, so make it your masterpiece. Fine tune design, tweak on-page SEO, and use your best writing.

  • Make sure your profile has its own page.
  • Use your name in the URL if possible.
  • Use your name in the beginning of the title if possible.
  • Every profile should link to this page.
  • This page should link only to current profiles and networks where you are active (these links can be “nofollow” and target=”_blank”).
  • Link to your Google+ profile using the “rel=me” tag.
  • Watch Analytics for this page to monitor search performance and referring sites.

4. Signed by the Author: Google Authorship

Thanks to Google Authorship and rich snippets, bloggers are taking personal branding SEO to the next level. The faces of some bloggers and guest bloggers appear in search results for hundreds of keyphrases. Do it for the clickthrough rates, do it for the traffic, and do it for your personal brand.

  • If you’re not “signing” your content using “rel=author,” it’s time to start using Google Authorship Markup.
  • Check the search performance of all of your articles by checking Author Stats. Log into Google Webmaster Tools using your Google+ login.

Those are the most important places to manage SEO for your personal branding. But there are hundreds of other profiles that rank in search. The rest of this checklist is a list of sites where you can create a profile and create a link.

Tip! You don’t actually need to be active on a website to create a profile and affect your personal SEO. There is no reason not to use them all.

Caution: if you setup a hundred profiles, you’ll need to manage a hundred profiles, lest they go out of date. When setting up profiles on sites where you’re not likely to return often, avoid using numbers, such as “5 years of experience” or “50 successful projects.” By keeping the profiles more general, you reduce the risk of the profile going out of date quickly.

5. Twitter

Twitter profiles still rank extremely high in Google. Get out your best profile picture, a short bio and a link to your website.

Even if you never use Twitter, add one tweet to tell people where to find you “I’m not active on Twitter, but feel free to connect with me on [other network]”

6. Facebook

Facebook ranks high. Although your Facebook profile may not be relevant to your job, make your primary profile picture isn’t unprofessional. Depending on your privacy settings, a lot of people may see it. Also, claim your vanity URL.

7. Vimeo

Of all the video hosting/sharing sites, profile pages on Vimeo seem to outrank all others. Enter a bio, add a link, set your location, claim a URL and even add featured videos.

8. Tumblr

This one also ranks well. By default, Tumblr accounts are setup as subdomains, so grab, if possible. The bio page is open HTML so add anything and everything.

9. Quora

The profile pages are very simple, but they rank! After you add your picture and short bio, follow a few people and a few topics. Following topics will indicate to visitors what your interests are.


It’s just a simple page that links to your other profiles, but these show up in search results. Grab it. Upload a nice background photo and setup the links. If possible, use a URL that includes your name, such as

11. Delicious

Create a simple profile that has a decent chance of ranking for your name. Not room for much more than a picture, short bio and link. Delicious will give you a shortcut URL, such as, but once this is set, you can never change it.

12. Flickr

This is the only photo site that gets traction in SEO. Profiles include all the basic information, such as a profile picture, location, bio and link.

13. SlideShare

A profile here is more likely to rank toward the bottom of page one, but you can add a LOT to a SlideShare profile. First, set the Account Type. Now you’ll see all kinds of places to add relevant info. You can also add a visual theme to your profile for $19 per month, but don’t expect this to affect SEO.

14. YouTube

Create and upload a video of yourself stating your personal brand, and using your name in the title and the description. If you optimize a video for your name, you may see the video itself rank as a universal search result.

Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments below. Or share this to your favorite social media site.

If you would like to get more information about the use of these types of technology to help brand your business, contact us here or call (404) 920-8041 today.


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Three Video Content Ideas For Business

Let’s get past the idea that online videos are only “sales” videos. Video is content. Nothing less, nothing more. Let’s make some content….

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Write down the top 10 questions that prospects consider in your industry. Make a short video for each question OR bundle up related questions and answer 3-5 questions in one short video. If you want to address the suggested “10 questions”, you could make 10 short videos or make 2 videos answering 5 questions….or 3 videos answering 3-4 questions. Keep the videos under 2 minutes (no matter how many questions you’re answering). Remember, people want quick answers to their questions.
  2. Tip Of The Week – (Listen to what I say…not what I do LOL). Ok, this one is GOLDEN. Every time we start producing and releasing content rich “video tips” (it’s obviously the industry we’re in), we always Always ALWAYS attract more visitors. This is how you attract a following. It doesn’t lead to immediate sales… but… if you build a strong, interested audience, you can usually sell on demand.
  3. Testimonials – These are powerful. If you have existing clients, get in the habit of collecting feedback. (Hint – Don’t ask for testimonials. Ask for feedback. Your positive feedback turns into your testimonials and your negative feedback turns into an opportunity to make a client happy).Tips on collecting feedback from your customers:

    ~ Ask for it and collect via email (easiest method)

    ~ Have a phone line dedicated to collect feedback in your own customers voice. We use AudioAcrobat for this. In fact, our phone line (powered by AudioAcrobat) to collect feedback is (512) 827-0500 Pin 120-601-560#.  Go ahead and give it a call to see how it works.  We pay less than $20/month for this service.

    ~  Have your clients send in a quick video from their webcam or iPhone…however they want to do it.

    Now, you’ll have written, audio, and video testimonials….all assets that you splice together into a video.  It makes a nice video when you’re showing real feedback as well as inserting sound and video bites.

That’s just three ideas for video content.  We can, and will in future emails, talk about hundreds more. If you focus on the fact that video is just another form of content, you’ll start to think of dozens of  content for video on your own.


Just remember, it’s not enough to just have a “sales video” on your home page.  It’s a good place to start but to drive traffic, get sales, acquire a following, and excel online, you NEED a strong video presence.

So let’s go make some content guys! Let us know in the comments below what you think. Or share this to your favorite social media site.

If you would like to get more information about the use of video to help brand your business, contact us here or call (404) 920-8041 today.


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What’s your “video information” plan?

It’s predicted that by 2014, over 80% of the searchable content online will be video related. Mobile and traditional search sites like Google have, and use, voice recognition technology which scrapes video content for keyword rankings. In other words, the actual content of the video matters more now and in the future then ever for your business to be found online.

It’s not “good enough” anymore to make just a couple of “sales videos” for your business and upload them to YouTube, embed them on your site, and call it good. In fact, the sales video (although a staple for your business) is the least preferred video for your information arsenal.

This should be really good news for most people. It’s not that hard to talk into an iPhone (audio only or actual video…doesn’t matter) and bang out a quick recording. In fact, every smartphone has a built in audio recorder. You don’t even need to video yourself. Just make an audio recording and ad some PowerPoint slides.What’s hard is getting into the practice of actually doing it. But, I assure you, if commit to it every week, it becomes second nature.

My Challenge To YOU: Make ONE video each week for the rest of the year. You don’t have to publish it. Just start the habit. In fact, if you do it without the intention of publishing it, the pressure to be “good” will totally disappear. Just focus on coming up with at least 60 seconds of condensed content (without babbling)

Even if it’s just hopping on your laptop and using your webcam to shoot a quick 45 second, raw, unedited, video to post online….somewhere. Remember, there’s no rule that you actually have to post it. In fact, just make a video. Look at it a week later and decide if post worthy. If it’s not, ask yourself “why not?”. Then, simply make an improved version of it…wait a week and decide if it’s worthy of publishing. Just keep doing this (making it a habit) and soon you’ll find that most of your content is “post worthy”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make your videos without the intention of publishing. Why? Because there is no pressure of getting it “perfect”. Just get a short 30-120 second video with content done. If you want to improve the video, just do another one the next week. There’s no rule that you have make a “different” video each week. JUST GET IN THE HABIT OF MAKING CONTENT VIDEOS. After a year of doing this, you’ll have 52 videos (content). Certainly, you’ll be able to publish 20%-30% of that content….right?

So will you accept my video challenge to you? Let us know in the comments below. Or share this to your favorite social media site.

If you would like to get more information about the use of video to help brand your business, contact us here or call (404) 920-8041 today.

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Google Moves Local Businesses to Google Plus With Brute Force

In a move that many predicted from the very beginning, Google has finally scrapped the Google Places offering and rolled all Places profiles into what they are calling Google+ Local.

Google+ Local offering

Now, you could argue, and some will, that forcing local business owners on to Google+ is yet another sign that Google is putting way too much emphasis on their desire to become relevant in social media, but the fact is, it’s still very much Google’s world that we playing in.

The most frustrating aspect of this in my opinion is that it took so long. I’m guessing a lot of local business owners jumped in and built brand pages, so now what?

If you’ve created a Google Place page, as I’ve been advising as part of any local search plan, then you may already be aware that Google has moved your page onto Google+.

If you’ve got a Google+ account you can find your page through either local search or through the Local button that now appears on the left sidebar when logged into Google+.

If you don’t have a Google+ account, well, I guess you’ll get one now if you still want to play with Google.

Google has already flipped the switch and is showing these new Google+ Local pages when you conduct local searches in Google and on Google Maps. While you can still gain access to and edit your Places profile pages through the Places login, my guess is that will give way to Google+ profile editing at some point.

Here are some things to note:

Clean up your profile.

Now is the time to clean up your profile

When Google moved the pages to Google+ it made a mess. A bit like moving anything does, I suppose. Go jump in and choose and edit your profile image and banner image. Right now Google is either picking from photos you uploaded or simply using a map.

You might want to add some things to your profile as some of the customization you may have done previously could be lost. Add links to your page.

Check out the reviews

Google purchased the restaurant rating service Zagat a while back and it appears they intend to inject the Zagat ratings system into the entire review process.

Visitors now have the opportunity to rate your business using a point scale. Not sure how this will translate over into the services of a plumber or insurance agency, but it’s certainly worth noting.

Reviews that came over from your previous page are very messy now. You, as the page owners, have a period of time to clean this up. When you first sign into Google+ and find your page you’ll be able to tell Google+ if you want all your photos and reviews from your Places page to be moved and be attributed to you or remain private.

So, now any reviews that you had previously will simply show up as anonymous Google user. Seems like if you really didn’t have much going in the way of reviews, this is a bit of a do over.

It will be interesting to see how much more emphasis Google puts on reviews.

Here’s the bottom line in my view. No mater how you feel about this rather forceful move, Google looks poised to make it a significant part of the Local Search landscape and you can’t ignore that. My guess is there will be plenty of tinkering, adding and tweaking in the weeks and months to come. You can bet advertising and offers will move into this somehow.

Now is the time to get in there and claim, prune, decorate and otherwise take control of your Google+ Local offering. As always Team Internet Marketing is ahead of the pack and can update and manage all your Google+ Local listing. Please call 404-920-8041 or contact us here to get a free consultation about your marketing needs.


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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs, Fail Forward & Multiply Your Productivity by Hitting the Reset Button on Your Attitude

I want to help you get more out of the training courses you attend, the business you start, and the things you do every day…

And I would say the #1 ongoing problem that I have (I keep it under control but I’m very mindful of this problem), and that other business owners I come across with have, is the thing called…


It’s because of “limiting beliefs” that you stop your car at a red light: you believe that if you run that light, you might get killed, kill someone, or at least get an expensive ticket from a traffic camera. You don’t commit murder, you don’t steal or hurt others for thousands of reasons.

BUT having limiting beliefs in the wrong place means you don’t always achieve your peak potential, you hold yourself back, and you don’t get what you want or deserve.

Anchoring, Conflict, Sabotage

It’s a way more serious issue than you’ve been led to believe. Here’s how it happens:

Step #1: Your “bad behavior” (procrastinating, not finishing what you start, not making progress) gets anchored. How?

When you hang around the wrong people, their own destructive behavior rubs off on you. Haven’t you ever dealt with a friend, or maybe a family member, who always seemed to be miserable? Who seemed to complain about everything? Complaining about the world made that person feel smart and relevant, and bringing others down to their level made them feel significant.

I don’t want to get too personal, but during my teenage years and early twenties I have dealt with people who (unknowingly) punished me for success and rewarded me for failure. This is exactly why that saying “your income is the average income of your 5 closest friends” exists.

Step #2: Now, you start to experience “inner conflict” — the nerdy term for this is cognitive dissonance. This is where you hold multiple beliefs that contradict each other. The easy one for most of us to point out is…

“I want to make lots of money, but I also feel like making lots of money is a bad thing”

Step #3: And the result of that is “self sabotage” — some people label this as driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

You start a business, setup a website, send emails, pay for advertising… but when it comes time to make some sales… you drop it and you’ve moved onto the next thing.

You launch a brand new live class, and at the last second when it’s time to open the doors, you chicken out and price it at $17 dollars instead of $997 or higher… worrying about being yelled at, people refunding, or not delivering on your claims… when in fact, none of that has happened yet!

If I wanted to, I could tell you stories about refunds I received on my birthday, on the day I quit my job, on Christmas morning BUT I choose not to worry about 1% of returned DIGITAL sales — it’s just as silly as not getting a cat because it will die in 20 years, not getting married because you might get divorced, not having a kid because it might grow up to hate you, not going to school because you might flunk out, not taking a job because you might get fired from it, not buying a house because someone might break into it, not buying a new car because someone might steal it!

Let’s break down the three types of limiting beliefs: hopelessness (global beliefs), helplessness (personal beliefs), and worthlessness (future beliefs)…

Limiting Belief #1:

This is where authority figures tell you something is impossible. Growing up it might have been a parent or mentor, nowadays it might be the news or a friend.

I like to keep in touch with my subscribers and every now and then I hear the excuse that “no one is making money during this economic downtime” (which I read from my iPhone, sitting in my car, in line at a Del Taco drive thru, surrounded by brand new cars). I hear that “online marketing doesn’t work” and yet everyone is buying more books, movies, plane tickets, and music online than ever before.

It makes it very tempting, easy and REWARDING to not take any action! There’s no point in me learning, doing, or perfecting my internet business because it’s all a big lie, right?

Limiting Belief #2:

This is where you might see that something is possible, but it’s just not something you can do. During my early years in college, I had a middle-aged mentor from England who kept telling me about his $1,000 and $2,000 days… almost every day.

He kept giving me these numbers, and I was happy for him, but it made me think why I wasn’t making that kind of money at the time. Then I’d try to justify it in any way possible!

In reality, if you’re looking for a “cop out” reason to not take action… you’ll find it.

Here’s the thing. If you take anyone’s workshop and have the “wrong” attitude going in, you’re never going to get the results you want. I remember in an earlier stage in my life, if I’d read an article or a book, and if I didn’t already know or agree with what was said, I thought it was a waste of time! How silly. Likewise, in a different stage of my life, if I wasn’t blown away by tons and tons of new material, I’d think the product was a waste of time.

One Piece of Information…

But now, if I attend an offline event, join a membership, or even attend a webinar or teleseminar… and even if it’s a bad one… if I can get one takeaway piece of information, it’s worthwhile.

People with the “helpless” limiting belief tend to take some action, but there’s no follow through. I can’t tell you how many students we’ve had who came to us with the “same” story of spending 40 thousand, 60 thousand, 100 thousand dollars on other peoples’ courses. And in a couple weeks we got them  to setup their business and many times make their first sale. And then, they’re gone… dropped off the face of the earth and I never hear from these people again because their limiting beliefs kept them from actually making some money online.

Limiting Belief #3:

You might not believe you deserve to make a million dollars, or $10,000 a month, or to pay off your house, whether you admit it or not OR whether you even realize it or not.

They might have started a business or two, and earned $1000 or $5000, but kept quiet about the results, didn’t repeat the process, and didn’t improve. These are the people who tell themselves they’re “happy” making $500 a month  while still working at their day job that they hate, because it’s easier.

They won’t re-market an old product to their existing list of subscribers because some of them already own it. They worry about which blog theme to install this week, what’s the best time of day to email, and what to price their product… when none of these things matter! Taking action and following through does.

Maybe I’m talking about you and you don’t even realize it! I don’t know. But I do know that if someone came to you and asked what your plan is to make $10k this month, or $100k this month (or whatever your next milestone is) and you’re instantly angry, frustrated, and self-defeating… you’ve got a serious problem and you can either let it own you, or you can get it out of the way and move past it.

Now, how do you overcome your limiting beliefs and achieve your peak potential?

Solution #1:
“Ask Better Empowering Questions”

The first thing I want you to do is be very aware of the words you use over and over to describe yourself as a person, where you are in life, others around you, and how you deal with adversity.

Here’s what I mean. If you’re the kind of person who constantly asks themselves, “Why does this always happen to me?” Or, “Why am I such a screw up?” Or, “Why is everyone out to get me?” Then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself…

  • What are at least three things that will make me feel better today?
  • What am I excited about today?
  • How can I learn from this problem?
  • What isn’t perfect yet and how can I move at least one step in that direction?
  • How can I enjoy the things I’m going to do today?
  • What parts of my life do I enjoy the most and how do those things make me a better person?
  • What will I lose (or miss out on) if I don’t take action right now?
  • What is the next step I need to take today?
  • What’s one thing I was going to do later, but will instead do right now?

Tony Robbins made this “empowering question” technique famous although I was using this before I’d heard of Robbins. I actually learned this from a course about “how to write a bestselling book” a decade ago which told me to phrase book chapter titles as questions. The truth is, when a question is asked, your subconscious has to answer it, whether you realize it or not… so why not apply it to real life instead of just writing?

Garbage in, garbage out! Ask negative questions and you get negative answers. Ask BETTER questions and you’ll get better answers.

Solution #2:
“Model Successful People”

Now that you’ve asked yourself better questions, or even if you’re having trouble thinking of better questions, use your imagination to have someone ask it for you.

  • What would Will Smith think about your current problem and how to fix it?
  • If Opera launched a e-commerce site and it didn’t make a bunch of sales right away, what would her next step be?
  • How about George Clooney, Betty White, Michael J. Fox, Sandra Bullock? Would they think twice about mailing their list, contacting a joint venture partner, or setting up a new landing page?

Armand Morin calls this “Success Leaves Traces”, Christians call this, “What Would Jesus Do” and NLP calls this “Modeling.” It means, find a mentor who is where you want to be, look at what they do, find out what they did to get there, and follow their system. Tom Cruise wouldn’t be afraid of running a 1-hour webinar, so why are you?

Solution #3:
“Just Do It”

This sounds like the cheesiest statement ever, but as soon as you stop “trying” to market your product and just market your product, you’ll actually make sales.

Stop thinking about it so much and just “fail forward.” Steve Jobs never intended to make movies, but after being kicked out of Apple, losing half his life savings on NeXT, and losing even more money on Pixar, he finally stumbled on creating movies — $7 billion from 12 movies.

There’s no way I would have begun putting out products, selling web sites, webinar classes, or even iPhone apps if I hadn’t “failed” through a bunch of different business ventures.

Solution #4:
“Have a Goal and Put a Value on Your Outcome”

Every month where I’ve set a clear goal about how many new clients that I wanted, or how much money I want to make that month, I’ve made more money. Funny how that works.

Can I tell you something else? Once I made of my mind I quit my day job of being a dental hygienist for 22 years and went full time in my own business. I can travel and spend time with my family on my own terms. I don’t worry about retirement because, I am building an asset  in my own business for my future.

Why did all this happen? I wrote down all the things I wanted to have. (This is what books like “Think and Grow Rich” are all about.) Next, I figured out what it would take to make those things happen… making more deals, launching more products, marketing more aggressively to my list, getting more traffic, building a bigger list, charging more money, writing better sales copy, the usual stuff!

Now that I knew what my goal was, and what actions I needed to take to achieve those goals, I could compare the pleasure versus the pain. Pain being time, effort, possibility of failure, moving out of my comfort zone, social awkwardness, putting myself out there. And pleasure being money, happiness, a relationship, comfort, security, peace of mind… all that good stuff.

And now I was aligned just right… moving AWAY from the pain and TOWARDS the pleasure, instead of self-sabotage.

Solution #5:
“Objection-Based Thinking”

Think in terms of small roadblocks (and little objections) instead of impassive barriers. The reason you don’t have what you want, and the reason why you’re not taking the actions you should, a real reason or just an excuse?

If there was just one thing holding you back from choosing your business, what would it be? What about what’s holding you back from creating a new business? Is it something as simple as not knowing what software? Let’s say you could only choose one thing.

I know I just threw a lot at you, but I think it’s going to help. Tell me below, what’s your current limiting belief and how is it holding you back? Or, what’s a limiting belief you used to have and how did you overcome it? Please tell me below right now.

Jackie Tulos


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How To Get 93,00 Likes On Facebook <----- A Shocking Yet Hilarious Read


If you get easily offended by profanity, stop reading, close this  email and don’t read this article. . .

I just came across this sobering, but hilarious  “Must Read Article” on. . .

How to get more likes on Facebook.  I simply had to share this with you! The article has 93,000 likes. . .  This dude has really mastered:

The Secret To Making Your Content Go Viral On Facebook  . . .

Because his article is so outrageously In Your Face!

The article highlights and makes fun of how desperate most people make themselves look on Facebook without even realizing it.

But, before you read the article and find out how not to make yourself look like a fool on Facebook. . .

Lets talk about an important little formula, called Edgerank because . . .

This Decides Whether Or Not You Exist On Facebook!

Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to make sure only relevant content appears in your fan’s news feeds.

So in simple layman’s terms this is what Edgerank is

Σ U.e W.e D.e

  • E = Edge – Edges are all the possible social actions on Facebook such as status updates, likes.comments shares etc.
  • U.e = Affinity score between viewing user and edge creator
  • W.e = Weight for this edge type (create, comment, like, tag etc)
  • D.e = time decay factor based on how long ago the edge was created

What The Heck Is Edgerank In Layman’s Terms ?

If you feel like you’re having a brain fart, and that looks a little like Einstein’s theory of relativity. . .

Don’t worry. Here Is What Really Matters :

  • Edge : An edge is any social action on Facebook.
  • Affinity Score : This is the score/ bond between the viewer and the content creator. . .

So if one of your “likers” repeatedly likes, comments, or shares your content, (even clicks and messaging are an influencing factor). .

Facebook then decides that the content you post is relevant to that user and will show them more of what you post.

Affinity Score Tip 1

Don’t ignore your “likers”! When your fan’s like, comment or share your posts, make sure you comment and like back and start a conversation.

Affinity Score Tip 2

Greet new “likers” and ask them an engaging, thought provoking question to spark the conversation.

Weight : This is a value system created by Facebook, that either increase or decrease the “value” of a social action.

The general rule is the more effort it takes to complete a social action, the more weight it carries, with the exception of a “share”.

E.g. A comment has more value/ carries more weight than a like.

Engagement measured by weight generally follows this hierarchy:

Shares that include a comment > Comments > Likes > Clicks

Content measured by weight looks generally follows this hierarchy:

Videos > Photos > Status Updates > Links

Weight Tip 1

If you want your posts to show up in your “likers”‘ and friends’ News Feeds, make sure people will actually want to interact with them. . .

Weight Tip 2

Post lots of videos and photos.

Large images with inspirational quotes are CRAZY VIRAL!

Time Decay: This refers to how long a post and it’s interactions have been “alive”.  The more time that passes by the value decreases.  This keeps the news-feed filled with “fresh and current” news.

Time Decay Tip:

  • Keep posting fresh new content, encourage engagement and keep the conversations going.
  • The Key:  Be controversial and turn heads!

Most People Get This Horribly Wrong

Here Is What You Must Avoid
  <==== (CRINGE)

I am confident you will love this article as much as the 93,000 people who clicked the article’s Like Button. Pay more attention to what the writer is doing more than what he is teaching.

To Your Success

Jackie Tulos

The Do’s and Don’t of Facebook marketing . . .  Hilarious read with some excellent take always!

If edgerank gives your marketing department nightmares, give Team Internet Marketing a call at 404-920-8041 today to get a free Facebook fanpage evaluation so we can do all the heavy brain lifting, and you can focus on revenue generating activities.

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One Study Shows Email Is More Popular Than Social Media

Social media may be getting all the buzz, but email is still a more popular mode of Internet communication, according to a new survey.

Private research firm Ipsos polled 19,216 adults in 24 countries last month and found 85% of them used the Internet for email while 62% used it for social networking. Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos, says she expected email use to trump that of social media.

“If you think about it, the Internet was first used for sending letters online. It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re using a digital version of sending a letter,” she says. “But the fact that a majority of people are using [the Internet] for social networking is a paradigm shift; there’s no equivalent in the offline world.”

How people use the Internet varies from country to country. In Hungary, 94% go online to use email while only 46% do so in Saudi Arabia. In Indonesia, 83% of people use the Internet for social networking (defined in the study as visiting social networking sites, forums or blogs.) Social media use is also high in Argentina (76%), Russia (75%) and South Africa (73%). It’s low in Japan (35%) and Saudi Arabia (42%). The U.S. figure for social media use was right around the average: 61%.

Aside from email and social networking, another primary use of the Internet is for Voice-Over-IP. Overall, VOIP is used by 14% of people across the globe and trends high in Russia (36%), Turkey (32%) and India (25%). VOIP use is lowest in Brazil (4%), France (5%) and the U.S. (6%).

The primacy of email over social networking comes as Facebook and Google have both attempted to remake email for a new generation. Google’s bid was Google Wave, which the company billed as the next evolution of email in 2009. By August 2011, Google had announced it was pulling the plug on the project after adoption didn’t materialize.

Facebook, meanwhile, launched a “modern messaging system” in November 2010 that was designed to replace email for younger consumers who preferred SMS and Facebook to traditional email.

So what does this all mean to you as a business owner? I say plan, build, and test. See what works in your market and test it to see what results you get. One technology may work in your market that will not work in another. To get more information on social media marketing or email marketing just give us a call at  (404) 920-8041 for a free consultation to see if Team Internet Marketing can help your see what works best in your market.

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Why Yelp Helps Your Business

What you don’t know about local search could be killing your business

Local Business Listings and local directories feed the local search engines their information, With Google Maps, Local Business Listings, Yahoo Local and Bing – ALL businesses are given a centralized place to present information about their company to the public. THIS is where local search engine takes their LOCAL search results from. The biggest problem is, most business owners don’t know how to make these listings as effective as possible. Leaving out even one important detail could mean your local prospect could end up choosing a competitor with a better optimized listing.

It seems like there are as many online review sites as there are pores on your face, and Yelp has been the king of them for some time.

Why is that? The developers must have been extremely insightful, as they have recognized the delight with which people share information online and have capitalized on the notion of letting people connect this to their own identity.  Yelp users are able to do much more with the site than rant about the terrible service they received at Big Nancy’s House of Waffles.

The social aspect of Yelp allows those who have signed up for it to connect to one another on a personal level through the forums. People get to know their neighbors in a sense and learn to trust their judgment.  This dual-birded slingshot gives users what they want while strengthening the primary structure of the website.

Graphic courtesy of

Here are 5 reasons why Yelp should be a business best friend:

1. Increases the opportunity to be found. Exposure is everything in the  business.

2. Promotes conversation. Reviews are a fantastic source of information that are given freely and without prejudice and the beauty of it all is that many people love to write them. Technology allows people to share their experiences with their network and catalog their favorite products or services.

3. Creates fans. Checked in before? – if you haven’t, odds are someone you know has. People love sharing great experiences – Yelp provides the platform to do so.

4. Increases accountability. It’s one thing to promise a great service or product in an ad but another to have a customer say it is great in a review. Business become accountable when they are opened up for criticism.

However, this can lead to other problems for the business owner. What happens if someone leaves a negative review?

This is where Team Internet Marketing can help you wade thru all the misleading information about sites like Yelp and Google Places. To get more information on local search or reputation management just give us a call at  (404) 920-8041 for a free consultation to see if Team Internet Marketing can help your see what works best in your market.

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10 Things You Should Stop Doing To Succeed In 2012

Whenever there is a new year, we think of all the things we’d like to do to make this the best year ever…. but have you ever stopped to think about things you should stop doing?

Sometimes we get caught chasing the wrong things and forget about the things that are slowing us down. Reaching greater success could be as simple as stopping something you’re doing.

There are enough list around the web of things you should do so this one is a little different: 10 Things You Should Stop Doing To Succeed In 2012

1. Stop Jumping From One Opportinity To Another

Chasing the magic bullet is the biggest killer of ‘getting things dine’ that I know of.

I love the theory of ‘one’. In order to get anything worthwhile done, you need to focus on one business model, one niche, one product, one website, one list, one keyword, one traffic method, one task at a time.

I’m not saying you should stick with only one business model or niche your whole life, just when you start one thing, stick with that one thing until it’s good enough. Then move onto another and focus on that.

2. Stop The Voice In Your Head

We all get it, when we start to actually do the work, that little voice pops in our head that says “are you sure this is gonna work?”. That’s the fearful side of you coming out. You need to stop him/her from coming out and swithc back to the positive side of you.

When you get negative thoughts, it may be painful, but you need to remove them. Even if your body doesn’t want to, force your body to get through that article, that sales letter, that chapter. If your body does, your mind will follow. Believe in yourself. Remember, you’re no different that anybody else. You’re human too with the same 24 hours in a day. If they can do it, so can you. And just imagine what would happen “if you could…”

3. Stop Letting Others Tell You What To Do

Are you a ‘yes’ man? If you hate being pushed into doing things you really don’t want to do, learn to say ‘no’. It takes guts, but once you say it once, you’ll build the courage to keep saying no to other things you don’t want to get into. Of course, you have to weigh up the consequences to what you agree or disagree to do, but you know the ones I’m talking about that you want to say no to.

4. Stop Relying On Others To Fix Your Problems

Take initiative to fix problems yourself. It’s an awesome feeling when you figure out the solution to a problem yourself. The best markters are excellent problem solvers. Become a problem solver and don’t depend on others – because they won’t always be there when you need them.

5. Stop Trying To Do Everything Yourself

This might seem contradictory to the above point but here’s what I mean. I don’t mean dumping problems on other people, I mean working together to create bigger and better things. In business, there comes a point were you can only do so much by yourself. Learn to work with others whether it be hiring outsource staff or working with other matketers in an old fashioned JV. Any big marketer will tell you that JV partnerships are essential to success.

6. Stop Being A Computer Noob

Get with the times! I know everyone has to start out somewhere but come on, this is 2012! Learn how to use your PC for crying out loud. Learn how to unzip and read PDFs! Learn how to use your keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to type properly (oh… I need to work on that one!) If you want to be an online marketer, learn how to use the tools that your business is built on. Learn FTP, HTML, cpanel for starters. I’m sure there are computer classes in your neighborhood where you can learn this stuff. Otherwise, use Mr. Google!

7. Stop Taking Short Cuts

There is nothing wrong with systematizing to save time, but somethings you ‘think’ will save you time often lead to bigger problems down the road. There’s a Japanese proverb that says: 急がば回れ  (isogaba maware – if you hurry, you will go in circles). If you know it’s a short cut and could have possible negative repercussions, don’t do it. It’s better to do it well the first time.

8. Stop Looking For Instant Results

As much as we’d like to become millionaires overnight, it’s not going to happen (unless you buy a winning lottery ticket!)

Success and wealth often comes after much hard work. Hard to believe isn’t it? So get in there and put in the work. When you get serious about work, some amazing things will happen. Just keep a long-term mindset and keep chipping away. Business is a marathon, not a sprint.

9. Stop Being Spammy

The internet is full of spam already and everyone is sick of it. Everyone is wising up to spammers, even Google. Spam can be in the form of email of course, but any kind of junk you publish on the net. Spam blogs, spam articles, spam videos, spam pictures, pictures of spam (just joking – I love spam.. the food kind!). It goes along with the two points above. If you want to do something worthwile and stay in business, stop being a spammer!

10. Finally, Stop Worrying!

Life is too short to spend worrying about everything. The news headlines would love to make us believe we are all screwed! But in reality, the biggest problems the majority of us face are deciding “which t-shirt and I going to wear today”. Sure, some days we have some big problems, but in the whole scheme of the universe, are they really that big? Enjoy your time on earth. You only get one. Your life is the biggest “one time offer” of all! Don’t waste it worrying about everything.

To your success,


p.s. What do you want to stop doing in 2012? And don’t forget to share this post if you liked it. :)

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How To Install A Mashable Sharing Widget

If you spend a lot of time reading the latest blogs posts and news sites you will have noticed the proliferation of social sharing widgets that are available. Choosing the right one for your own blog or website will increase the likelihood that your content gets shared and talked about. One of my favorite sharing widgets is the one used by  the
top social media blog Mashable.

Find out how to install a similar one on your blog

What I like most about it is that it stays on the side of the page when viewers scroll down the post, which means no matter where they are reading, if they decide it’s worth sharing they can. This is important considering the average attention span of most web users is around 3 seconds.

Another reason for choosing this particular style is that since I know Mashable have been using it for over a year it’s probably working well. It’s also common on a lot of other sites which means the added familiarity will mean your audience will be much more likely to use it.

After a lot of searching I found a simple WordPress plugin that replicates the look and feel of the Mashable plugin and I made a quick tutorial to show you how you can install it on your own blog.


As you scroll down the post the widget stays in place which means its always visible on the page increasing the liklihood of people sharing


The plugin we are going to use is called “Twitter, Facebook Like, Google Plus One Social Share


To add a WordPress plugin to your website login to your WordPress admin dashboard and select plugins on the left hands side


Click on “Add New”


Enter “Twitter Facebook Social Share”in the search box and install


Install the plugin and activate it


Now under Settings select TF Social Share


You can now configure the plugin, select what social media sites you want displayed and where you want it to show up on your blog


You can configure how the left side floating option will be shown


You can also adjust the width and size of the social media buttons to match your blog design


By default the share box displays above each blog post


If you want it to show on the left side of the post you need to alter the position setting


You can select where on the screen you want it to display


So now the plugin is activated and showing in the correct place all you now need to do is send some traffic and encourage people to share your content

No matter what type of plugin or widget  you use it’s important to ask people to share your content  and give them a good reason why. Better yet ask them to make a comment too.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

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I hope this will encourage you start to engaging your audience more effectively and get you the exposure you deserve. I look forward to your comments.

To your success

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